Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® for Charities

Both users and service providers will benefit from engaging in Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® workshops as it focuses on the individual and what is happening for them.

With my experience of working with a variety of charities, both as a service user and service provider, I understand the sensitive nature of work in this area and how effective easily accessible tools, as those presented by Susan Jeffers PhD, can be in bringing about positive and empowering change.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® workshops enable participants to:
• Let go of negative programming
• Build confidence
• Raise levels of self esteem
• Become more assertive
• Release yourself from the paralysis of fear
• Learn how it is impossible to make a mistake or wrong decision
• Convert your negative thoughts into positive action
• Actualise your inner power
• Take back control of your life from others
• Realise dreams


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