Eve Uhlig

Eve has conducted research with people who have experienced a traumatic event in their lives and concluded that such events have far-reaching negative impacts on the individuals' lives. Examples include, mental and/or physical health problems, impediment to engaging in learning and, on a more every day basis, reluctance to participate fully in life. In many cases, people had lost their shine and confidence.

On a personal level, in line with her research group, she has faced several majorly traumatic events and worked consistently to transform her life into one of positivity and freedom of choice. The journey has not always been straightforward, but at each stage there has been something that has supported the next step forward. She has extensively used the work of Susan Jeffers and particularly the Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® programme in her journey.

Eve started her working life as a secretary in higher education and has since returned to adult education; firstly as a programme manager and lecturer in the community and more recently in research and staff development and now has a careers advisory role, working with PhD students. In between she spent numerous years in the commercial sector working for international organisations in various senior administrative roles; it was here she discovered her talent and interest in training.

Living up to her degree specialism in lifelong learning she completed a BA (Hons) as a mature student alongside working full time; many challenges and fears were overcome during this period of her life. Throughout her life she has followed her interests in personal development and learnt much from attending courses and her own personal Yoga practice. A subject she has also taught. She has also extended her knowledge by completing certificates in Mentoring and Coaching and Career Management skills.

Today, she lives in a peaceful environment, with a person who loves and supports her personal growth and has two jobs she absolutely loves – both of which use her experiences, knowledge and skills to enhance the lives of others.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”
. Marianne Williamson


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