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Workshops are tailored to individual needs – after all we are all different. We have travelled different paths and although experiences may be similar we will have reacted differently.

Workshops recognise we are not alone with our fears. People are often reluctant to share their fears, however, experience shows that in a safe and confidential space and with the support of others miracles happen. Some people make also make good friends and continue to support positive growth after the workshop.

Pre-course research enables the creation of workshops that are most appropriate to your needs.

The length of workshops may vary depending on the content. However, they will be life-changing!

All venues used will provide a pleasant and comfortable environment.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® workshops will help you:
• Build confidence
• Raise levels of self esteem
• Become more assertive
• Release yourself from the paralysis of fear
• Learn how it is impossible to make a mistake or wrong decision
• Convert your negative thoughts into positive action
• Actualise your inner power
• Take back control of your life from others
• Realise your dreams

Special note: Workshops are not counselling sessions. Whilst some emotions may be heightened, it is the responsibility of the individual to seek specialist support if needed.

Why would it be good for you to attend a workshop? I’ll let Susan herself explain:

“Those of you who are reading this book have acknowledged that wherever you are in life at this moment is not exactly the place you want to be. Something needs changing, and until now you haven’t been able to take the steps to change it. Whatever your circumstances, you are ready to start taking charge of your life.” Susan Jeffers


1:1 Coaching sessions

Learn Feel the Fear ... and Do It Anyway® tools and techniques to master your fears on an individual basis. Sessions delviered in a safe and comfortable setting, bookable in advance.


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